How Cheeky are you today?

Slide between 0-10 to tell us how cheeky you are today

Jeez, that's not cheeky at all! Grab a froth and stick to single bets tonight!

Hmm a little cheekier...your shorts are slightly down, maybe take Federer into Nadal!

I can feel your cheeky warmth starting to brew. If the Milwaukee Brewers are a dog today get on!

5 leg multis look odds on for you today!

Wooooooah you're half way there, take a multi and anchor Benoit Paire!

Take a box trifecta in the dogs and avoid the red dog.That's cheeky!

Your cheekiness is rising, Estonian Volleyball looks right up your alley today!

Couple of cheeky beers deep at the work function, have a crack at a colleague or total points odd or even!

Cheeky enough to believe your mates oil on the coin toss tonight?! Tails never fails.

You're the epitome of cheeky. Give us your Under 18 Egyptian Badminton tips and 17 leg multis!